The best of London Collections: Men #LCM

This week saw the 4th London Collections: Men. Over 130 designers descended on London to showcase their AW14 collections and what amazing collections they were. This week we’ve seen everything from sci fi inspired looks to street chic, the english gentleman and even androgynous outfits paired with platform loafers. It’s been an exciting week in fashion and if sitting through hours of shows has made me certain of anything it’s that the turtle neck is back people!!

So let me take you through my #LCM highlights.

Kit Neale AW14

First up is Kit Neale who informs us his ideal client is the everyday guy. Urban cool meets street geek his collection is heavily laden with original prints, contrasting pieces and stuffed toy rats as accessories. If Banksy made clothes I truly believe this would be his aesthetic…


Common AW14

Layering is the theme here which is what makes me love Common’s AW14 presentation…well that and the wet look gel slapped on every models barnet! OK I admit some of the models did look like they had tried to hide their turtle neck with their grandfathers night shirt and big brothers puffer jacket, but somehow it just works. Showcasing a predominantly black colour palette with the odd pop of red or bottle green Common brought the whole show together with those CMMN emblazoned turtlenecks…GENIUS!



Rake’s collection showcased beautifully structured pieces that were presented in a plethora of fabrics and accessorised with feathers, thistles and scarves. Classical and timeless partnered fashion forward themes throughout the whole presentation. Every piece screams Nick Wooster…



JW Anderson AW14

Jonathan William Anderson what can I say…? His androgynous aesthetic is an absolute winner in my book. Redefining boyfriend clothes or girlfriend clothes depending on who’s doing the clothes stealing…I wish it was me! This collection will transition from male to female incredibly well. Pushing the boundaries of fashion his collection was all about cropped, high waisted trousers, sleeveless shirts, asymmetric kaftans, billowing sleeves, pleated jackets, ruffled shirts and don’t even get me started on those platform loafers…

All in all one of my stand out stars of #LCM, beaten only by…



Agi & Sam AW14

If Agi & Sam’s AW14 presentation is anything to go by the oversized, layered look is far from over…if anything it’s just gathering steam. Agi & Sam presented a predominantly monochrome palette with the occasional primary coloured print. Check woven fabrics were a big theme here and when paired with beautiful floaty silk fabrics a whole different dimension of their aesthetic was evident. A beautifully strong African influence married the whole collection together. My absolute favorite presentation by far!!



So that’s my top five #LCM collections of AW14. What about you guys…did you have any stand out moments that I haven’t mentioned? As always I love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

Pictures courtesy of:

Words by: Sonya Danielle

Sonya x


Twitter: @onceuponaglam

Instagram: sonya_danielle


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