The Diary of a Yo-Yo Dieter…

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Ok so this is a bit of a difficult post for me. As I’ve mentioned previously I recently lost 4 stone in weight. It all started in January last year…

I was just recovering from a chest infection and feeling truly miserable. I was at the heaviest I had ever been and my self esteem was rock bottom. I suppose we all have our own personal demons when it comes to our body image. Mine is my constant battle with my weight. I have yo-yo’d for the last few years. Losing weight and putting it back on in a matter of months is no fun! Now it’s not an excuse and I take full responsibility for my bad eating habits but the past few years have been really difficult for my family. We have had a lot of family members with ill health and for me it all came to a head when my Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010. A mixture comfort eating and being distracted led me to my heaviest ever weight.

So last year I decided I was going to get healthy and put an end to the yo-yoing for good. I joined my local Slimming World and have never looked back. For those of you that don’t know the diet consists of food optimising. In short there are free foods you can indulge in until your heart’s content, healthy A (dairy choices) and healthy B (variable choices such as cereal, bread, etc) and a syn allowance for everything else.

You attend once a week for a weigh in and most importantly Image Therapy. Now I’ve had a lot of people ask me how I have stuck to the diet and what is it about this that has worked for me? Well apart from the amazing recipes and limitless choices in short it’s the friends I’ve made at Slimming World. Every week I try and attend, it can be difficult sometimes with night shifts but I always attend when I’m able too. Some weeks I almost run in excited knowing it’s been a great week. Other weeks I have to force myself to go because I know I’ve not kept to plan and I know I’m in for a gain. The powerful feeling of failure and shame sometimes can be overwhelming, losing weight is a difficult journey. The rollercoaster of emotions can be intense because lets face it we’re working hard at changing  our lives and mind sets here, it’s not easy.

That’s where my new slimming World friends have made all the difference. Every week they encourage, inspire and help me. When I feel a failure and like giving up they pick me up and spur me on. When my achievements have been great they are genuinely happy for me and most importantly they’re going through this with me. Had it not been for my friends, family and lovely group of people I have met at my weekly Image Therapy I know I would not have been successful. At some point throughout the last year we have all helped each other through. To pay each week to simply be weighed is rather pointless to me, you may as well get on your scales at home and save your money. If you are attending a Slimming group such as Slimming World I advise you to utilise the group meetings, you will be bowled over by the amazing people you meet and the support you can offer each other.

Now I’m right near my target and hovering above it, I have set my mind on achieving it in the next few weeks so watch this space…I’ll be posting about where I’m up to, what I’m cooking up and most importantly what new dresses I can fit into ;O)


If any of you want any advice or support please drop drop me a line…you know I’m always happy to help!

Sonya x

Twitter: @onceuponaglam

Instagram: sonya_danielle


3 thoughts on “The Diary of a Yo-Yo Dieter…

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    • Ah thank you lovely. It is hard and it’s a long process but I’m determined to stick at it. Good luck on your plan. I’m looking forward to seeing how you get on xx

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