Bargain haul with £30.00 amazon vouchers


For Christmas I was gifted a £30.00 amazon voucher by my MIL. This is always one of my fave presents because there’s so much to choose from on This year I decided on new make up brushes…I always need more! Like I said in a previous post I have heard great things about Real Techniques and Japonesque so I decided to grab a few of their brushes.

  • I went for three separate Real Techniques brushes instead of one of their starter packs. I have so many brushes the packs seem to repeat brushes I have plenty of. Instead I went for their expert face, blush and setting brushes.
  • I also went for a JAPONESQUE 150 degree pointed liner brush. This is a brush that I think every make up fiend should own and I don’t really know why I don’t have one already?!
  • I spied a technics false eyelash applicator. I have an eyelure one that works pretty well but…as this one was only £1.68 and looks to be a different design I thought I’d give it a go and see which I prefer.
  • I have an acrylic stacker system by Muji on my dressing table. This is a great idea for keeping all your overflow make up neat and tidy and if it’s good enough for the Kardashian’s…I have been meaning to get a lipstick organiser for a while so when I saw this one for £4.29 I couldn’t resist.
  • Finally I have been meaning to try the EOS lip balms for a while. Since Kim Kardashian was pictured with one the world and it’s wife…including Nicole Scherzinger seem to be raving about how good they are. I’ll be putting it to the test and letting you know what I think.
So there we have it…it’s amazing how far £30.00 goes on amazon. With free delivery included I think I went over by about £3.00, absolute bargains!! What about you guys…did you get any vouchers? Have you found any good bargains with them? Please share, I love nothing more than a good bargain, even if it’s not me that got it :O)
Sonya x

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