2013…a year in review

Hey everyone, I’ve finally finished my nights…yay!! This past week I have been wracking my brain for my 2013 highlights. I must say this past year has been amazing and there have been so many it’s hard to narrow it down.

I’m going to start with a few beauty awards. Now I admit I have tried and tested a LOT of products in the last 12 months . Not all of them have impressed but some…I don’t know how I ever survived without them. So onto the best of the bunch:

Most Affordable Make Up Company = NYXBlog 14 063

This year I have developed a love affair with NYX. There is not one product I have tried that has disappointed. With a massive array of affordable products to chose from we’d be fools to pass up these highly pigmented, long wearing products.

Definitely Worth the Money = NARSBlog 14 044

I am absolutely addicted to NARS. Although these are more high end products and a little on the pricey side they are well worth the money. Luckily every one of my NARS products has been gifted to me…saying that I would definitely pay the prices because the products are incredible. NARS have provided the best blusher (orgasm) and bronzer (laguna) I have ever used. Also as a little surprise my lovely Ché bought me the powder brush for Christmas…it is amazing, so soft and lovely and picks up the perfect amount of product every time. I can’t get enough of NARS and have a feeling they are going to be my 2014 all star!!

Best Make Up Brushes = CROWN BrushesBlog 14 054

The most affordable, best performing brushes I have found to date have been from CROWN. There are some perfect M.A.C. dupes that cost 1/3 of the price but my fave are the Infinity brushes. They are so soft but sturdy and apply my make up with a HD finish. I’ll be popping a thorough review up soon.

Best Fragrance = Elie Saab – Le ParfumBlog 14 059

I am beyond obsessed with this perfume and was lucky enough to be gifted a bottle from my SIL for Christmas. It’s scent is hard to describe, it’s so fresh and beautiful. The Eau De Toilette  is a lot lighter than the perfume but equally as lovely. Here’s what they say…

Radiant, voluptuous, addictive

The top note opens on a sun-kissed, radiant orange blossom, as an ode to light.

The middle note develops into a jasmine absolute, a legendary flower in perfumery, imparting voluptuousness and elegance to the fragrance. It combines with a pure, modern patchouli heart.

The base note unfolds into a cedar woody accord adding character and a lingering trail, while the honey rose envelops the composition in a beautifully addictive note…

Make Up Obsession = Nude Lips/Smoky EyesBlog 14 094

Sephora – Perfect Nude Gloss,  NYX – Natural Xtreme Lipcream, Illamasqua – Nude Lipstick, Too Faced – Natural Dolly Lipstick, Tom Ford – Nude Vanilla Lip Color

Miss Slinky Shoot 069

Best DUPE = M.A.C. Dazzle Glass in Like Venus V’s NYX Gloss in SparkleBlog 14 103

Blog 14 104

Nyx have really knocked it out of the park here…not to mention saved me an absolute fortune. Their dupe is so close to the M.A.C. offering but so much cheaper. I’ll be doing a full review soon.

Best Skin Care Products = AveenoBlog 14 078

If any of you have seen my sensitive skin care post you will know I almost destroyed my skin this time last year by applying a product that really wasn’t suitable for me. A three month battle then ensued and I have to admit that if it hadn’t been for the discovery of Aveeno I would be up a certain creek without a paddle!! If you have sensitive, problematic skin I implore you try this amazing brand.

Best Spurgle = CHANELBlog 14 107

Now we all know any CHANEL product is a splurge. Some however are well worth the money and these three definitely fall into that category. CHANEL Inimitable mascara is hands down the best I have ever used…check out my comparison here. The two gorgeous pots are Illusion D’Ombré in Illusoire and Mirfique. These gorgeous eyeshadows are the most beautiful shimmery shades of black and purple. They blend perfectly and last for ages even without primer!

Best Make Up Company – Runner UP = IllamasquaBlog 14 077

Illamasqua never fail to amaze me with their highly pigmented beautiful products. Their line is so inspiring and make it easy to create so many looks…I just love them. I must admit that their products also last the longest out of any products I have ever used, especially the nail polishes. Illamasqua are one of my 2013 all stars and are only beaten by…

Best Make Up/All Star Company 2013 = Urban DecayBlog 14 072

What do I need to say to justify UD being my 2013 all star company? NAKED!! This year alone not only did UD give us the amazing VICE 2 but they totally caught us by surprise in Dec with NAKED 3. As if that’s not enough their holiday palette – Anarchy Face Case is totes amaze and further more three of UD’s products are my holy grails…NAKED 1 palette, Primer Potion and 24/7 glide on eye liner.

So there we have the 2013 holy grails but what about the holy crap…I wish I’d never bought that. Here are my four main offenders for worst products.

Blog 14 108

I cannot believe that there is a CHANEL product here but I have to be honest. This blusher in Pink Explosion is not good…not even the beautiful packaging can save it. First of all the pigment doesn’t seem to be there, you need loads and then it still doesn’t look good. The smell is horrible, really chemically and strong, the brush you get with it is awful and to top it off it looks like Bourjois in a CHANEL compact!!

Next up is Elizabeth Arden Lash Enhancing Mascara. I’m sorry but it just doesn’t work for me, maybe it’s my straight lashes I’m not sure, but I don’t like it!

I heard so many great things about RIMMEL Scandal Eyes that I had to try it. I don’t know what all the hype is about because honestly I thought it did nothing for me. Check out my review here.

Finally something that was on my list of must haves for ages was the M.A.C. Duo Fibre foundation brush. I was very kindly gifted this for my birthday. I was so excited to try it…when I did however it was utter pants. The hair continually comes lose all over my face no matter how many times I try and wash it. I have contacted M.A.C. regarding this and they were very unhelpful. As a result I will be purchasing my brushes from elsewhere in future. Sorry M.A.C. but your brushes cost too much money to be under performing!

As for my other highlights of 2013 here a few

Slimming World

Miss Slinky 036

The best thing I did in 2013 was join Slimming World. I have lost almost 4 stone and have found a whole new me. Not only do I have my confidence back but I feel so healthy. To top it all off I won my groups Miss Slinky in Nov which was my personal highlight of 2013. In 2014 I plan to blog a lot more about this journey and my battle to maintain my weight loss. In the mean time if anyone wants any advice or just to chat about the ups and downs of trying to lose weight please feel free to contact me. I know better than anyone how hard it is to reach your target weight so if I can help anyone I’ll be happy to do so.


Believe it or not there’s something I love more than all the glitz and glam…MUSIC! 2013 has been amazing, my most played albums have been; Miguel – Kaleidoscope Dreams, J Cole – Born Sinner and Kendrick Lamar – Good Kid M.a.a.d City. Although both Miguel’s and Kendrick’s albums were released in 2012 they have been my theme tunes to 2013. I can’t get enough of them and they’re still going strong on my ipod. I was lucky enough to see both Kendrick Lamar and J Cole this year and both were incredible live. Now I just need Miguel to get his ass over here so I can see him too.

iphone 14 011 iphone 14 012 iphone 14 013

Best TV Show = Breaking Bad

iphone 14 014

OK, OK, this is probably a predictable choice  but really it is a deserved winner. It faced some tough competition in the form of Game of Thrones, True Blood, The Walking Dead and Dexter (what the hell was that ending Showtime?) but it won hands down. The best show and the best ending of all time!!


Blog 14 118

Finally one of my major vices is magazines. I used to buy so many it was ridiculous. Now I have tried to narrow it down where possible to three. My faves by far are Vogue, Grazia and Look. I get so excited every week/month waiting for these to drop through my door. I would recommend you get a subscription for any regular magazines you buy…you save a fortune.

So that’s been my highlights for the year. What about you guys? As always I love to hear your thoughts.

Sonya x

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    • Thank you hun that’s really kind of you. You’ll do it no problem if you put your mind to it! If you need any encouragement or advice drop me a line. I’m always happy to help xx

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