Happy 2014…

Hey guys, I hope you’re all having a great New Years Eve no matter what you’re doing! My party dress, accessories, fake tan, make up and rollers will be laying untouched at home tonight as I’m working.

NY 008

NY 020 NY 045 NY 049

Some of you may not know that my day job is as a Haematology Nurse in the biggest single site oncology (cancer) hospital in the UK. Part of being a nurse means saying goodbye to traditional family Christmas and New Year celebrations. I am usually scheduled to work one or the other, I don’t mind though as I love my job.

Yesterday I was reading a lot of comments regarding a tweet Rio Ferdinand posted. He was basically asking people to spare him a thought when they were partying on new years as he is going to be tucked up in bed early ready for the match. From what I’ve seen there seems to be a lot of backlash going on as people regard his high salary as compensation enough.

I don’t think he meant any harm with his tweet…regardless of your pay packet it’s difficult to be away from your loved ones at these special times. For me though I remind myself that it is a choice. The people I care for however have no choice, they are unfortunately stuck in hospital fighting a battle no one should have to face.  For one reason or another New Years can be difficult for all of us at times, when you are facing a frightening uncertainty however it is even worse!

So I ask all of you, today, tonight, whenever…spare a thought and raise a glass, not for those of us working or staying in because we have responsibilities, but for those people that are unable to celebrate due to ill health or unfortunate circumstances.

As far as new year resolutions go I actually managed to keep mine last year by losing almost four stone in weight. I want to continue this new healthier me into 2014 by exercising more. Apart from that my only wish is for health and happiness for everyone I love! I hope you all have a fabulous time celebrating with your loved ones. I will be having a get together with my gorgeous Ché and lovely friends on Saturday evening and I can’t wait!

On that note…PEACE, LOVE & HAPPINESS for 2014
Sonya xx


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