The most wonderful thing about Christmas…

Is catching up with all my family and friends…

This weekend has been a busy one here. We’ve hosted my father in laws 65th birthday party and then attended our annual family Christmas party. This is one of my fave events of Christmas, every year our fab cousin and his lovely wife arrange a get together for family and friends to raise money for charity. This year they raised over £1800 for our local hospice, incredible and truly what Christmas is about!!

Here are a few snaps I took over the weekend. First up is the 65th birthday party.


Our family Christmas party


My parents have come down from Aberystwyth, Wales to visit us for a few days. This morning I waved them off as they left for the airport. Each year at Christmas they fly off to their fave place, Florida. Before they left we opened our gifts together and I must say I have been a very lucky girl.


As well as this stunning snow globe I have another little gift from my parents…their little dog Mollie is staying with us for three weeks.

I love having her come to stay, our family are huge animal lovers, especially dogs. We have so much fun together and really love to incorporate them into our celebrations. We fill their little stockings with goodies, cook them a Christmas dinner and even send them cards :o) Why not they are an important part of our family! Let me introduce you to our lovely four legged friends.


We have Charlie-Bear (RIP), Otis, Alfie and Mollie


My Otis’ Christmas cards from my parents and also one from their dogs :O)

Today I have a little bit of wrapping left to do, a huge pile of ironing, cleaning, presents to deliver and then we’ll be going out this evening to celebrate with our friends :O)

I’m so excited for Christmas day, only one more sleep. We’ll be going round the corner to spend it at my sister in laws with her lovely partner and children. I normally do a huge Christmas dinner here so it’s fantastic to have a year off!

Here are a few snaps of years gone by…Image

I hope you all have a magical Christmas, I’m off to watch Polar Express before I start my chores. I’ll leave you with my fave Christmas picture from 2009.


Sonya x

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