Throw Back Thursday…

In honour of #throwbackthursday I thought I would join the trip down memory lane. Mine involves me reminiscing about those discontinued products that I was once so obsessed with I truly believed I couldn’t live without them.

This weeks is Ultima II’s Glowtion Skin Brightening Moisturiser.

ImageImage courtesy on Pintrest

In the 90’s I was obsessed with this stuff, I thought it was the bomb diggity. They had a face and body option that looked so gorgeous when slapped on. Every month as soon as my pay check landed I would be down Market Street Boots to get my supplies.

Then one day it disappeared, noooooooo. Oh the ordeal I went though trying to find a replacement. I must admit I have never found anything that matches up. I did see some new and unused on ebay a few years back. I was mega excited and eagerly awaited its arrival. When it got here however it was all separated and oily, gutted!

So that was that, I guess this great product is truly gone. If you’re reading this Ultima II please bring it back!!

As always…PEACE & LOVE
Sonya xx


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