I was supposed to be Christmas shopping…

On Monday I went shopping for last minute presents. As I was saying in a previous post I got a little…OK a lot distracted. I ended up flitting around taking pictures of all the things that took my fancy. As we visited John Lewis, Selfridge’s and Debenham’s make up halls you can imagine there was a lot!!

Try as I might to focus on a task in hand…Monday’s being the last of my gifts, I can’t stop myself from getting distracted when I’m around all these gorgeous things. It’s a bit like when I was a kid and I would beg my Mum for sweets, toys and dresses when we were out shopping. The only difference now being I don’t really have anyone to reel me in and tell me to behave, my boyfriend will no longer go shopping with me, if he does cave in he sits in a coffee shop until I’ve finished.

Whilst I was flitting about I came across some gorgeous gift ideas. Admittedly they are things I would like myself, however my rule for for gift buying is…Would I love this? If the answer is yes I know I’m onto a winner.

I have luckily got pretty much everything I need bar a few bits so you know…No harm, no foul and I can feel a little less guilty about getting so distracted.

Now then let me share with you some of the gorgeous lusthaves I spied yesterday. I’m in the process of making my Christmas wish list so I need to narrow down what I really want.


Clarisonic Mia 2 – Sonic Cleansing System. I’ve been fiending after this for ages. As some of you regular readers :O), may know I have really sensitive, irritable skin. Sometimes I can just about get away with splashing water on my face let alone putting any products on it. Something I hate is that the products I can get away with using never seem to penetrate my skin enough. Apart from that I am in a constant battle with my pores. Trying to shrink them without the aid of pore minimisers is a bit like trying to dig a hole without a shovel, possible but not easy!

This little beauty promises to help:

  • Removes more makeup than manual cleansing
  • Helps to prepare the skin for your usual skin care regime
  • Leaves skin feeling smoother and healthier
  • Tightens the appearance of visible pores
  • Helps remove sebum
  • Helps to improve the appearance of skin tone and texture

It also has a sensitive and delicate brush head available as well as having a delicate massage setting. This looks perfect for me because hopefully I’ll be able to reduce the amount of products I use on my skin whilst getting the most out of them, best of both worlds really! Fingers crossed Santa is kind after he sees this.


Whilst walking through Selfridge’s to get to the trainer section, honest, we passed the Diptyque concession and my oh my is it beautiful. We had to go past the Neom and White Company concessions to reach Diptyque. Now don’t get me wrong I love both Neom and The White Company but Diptyque is a whole different kind of perfection. I was gripped by the contraption on the left that looks like the IV clamps I use for work. In actual fact it’s a candle wick trimmer. Now I am aware that I really don’t need these but I can’t help myself, I want them so bad.

As for the candles themselves they are amazing, I keep finding myself daydreaming about them. I know £40 is quite a lot for a candle but they smell like your own bit of paradise and the packaging is just gorgeous, my make up brushes would look lovely in the glass jar once the candle is finished. My absolute favourite is Mimosa followed by Jasmin and Gardenia.


The gorgeous displays we passed are so tempting, how is a girl supposed to resist? Viktor & Rolf are going all out this year, every department store you walk through has the most stunning displays. They even had a photo booth where you could have a free picture taken, get some samples of the perfume, or get your perfume bottle engraved!


View inside the Viktor & Rolf photo booth at the Trafford Centre



I simply had to have a little peek at what Banana Republic had to offer. BR is one of my favourite places to get costume jewellery. They currently have 30% off their sale items and there’s some gorgeous pieces that’ll look fab with Christmas party dresses. I got the brown and gold chain cuff pictured top right.


A little nosey at what was on offer in lush was also befitting, it smells too amazing to walk past. I really needed a lip scrub, usually I go for Bubblegum but they had a festive Cola flavour that smells beautiful so I opted for that. I decided to treat myself to a new face mask too. I’m hoping it’ll get along with my sensitive skin, I’ll be popping a review up soon to let you know how I get on.


Steve Madden currently have a massive sale going on. I had to have a gander at what was inside because I’m beyond desperate for their Monicaa Biker Boots. Typically they are pretty much the only thing that is still full price, just my luck! Suppose I better wait until the January sales.


No shopping trip would be complete without a little nosey at CHANEL and I had to have a little look at the NAKED 3 palette also. Some of you will know I have one ready for Christmas day and I have actually been quite well behaved and not opened it, who would’ve funked it? I couldn’t resist a little look whilst I was in Debenham’s though and I was not disappointed, It is absolutely gorgeous, please hurry up Christmas.


A few funny items caught my eye whilst we were out. I absolutely adore dogs but I think I might leave these off my Christmas list ;O)

Shameless Selfie ALERT!

ImageMy friend came across these Made In Chelsea looking hats in Top Shop, queue her walking away mortified after I had tried one on and took a few selfies in the middle of the shop.


Not content with embarrassing her in Topshop I also made her pose in John Lewis’ against this rather lovely Christmas backdrop, that’s what friends are for isn’t it? Anyway I think she makes a lovely John Lewis poster girl :O)


Finally no Christmas shop would be complete without a little feet up action and a red cup from Starbucks.

That’s it for now my lovelies. I hope your Christmas shopping is a bit more productive than mine. Let me know how it’s going and if anything pretty has caught your eye. Also please don’t forget to follow me on here too :O)

Sonya x


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