Cult Classics……..#4

This is the final instalment of my cult classics. If you missed them check out my previous instalments #1, #2, and #3


Out of all the products available it’s always eye make up that gets me the most excited, that’s why for this last instalment I’ll be focussing on my all time faves!

Any eye make up application needs to start with a primer so let me start this post with what I believe to be the best. Urban Decay’s Primer Potion £15.00


This is pure magic in a pot. Apply before your eyeshadow and enjoy the benefits of crease free, vibrant eye shadow for hours on end! Check out my review/comparison here.

Next up is my most beloved eye palette, Urban Decay’s original NAKED palette £37.00


This is the most stunning colour combination of any eye shadow palette ever. This amazing palette has spawned so many dupes and inspired so many make up looks it’s ridiculous. It’s versatility is incredible and if you follow this tutorial by Tanya Burr I guarantee you will have the most amazing smoky eye look ever.

Take a look at this review/comparison for more details………..

By far my fave ever eye liner is Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil in Perversion


Can you see a theme here? Urban Decay have pretty much cornered the market when it comes to eye make up. Don’t get me wrong I have a lot of other eye make up from pretty much every other make up company there is, what make up fiend doesn’t? But when it comes to my cult classics or holy grails I always seem to fall in love with Urban Decay.

This eye pencil is no exception. It glides on amazingly, it can be a little soft so apply it with an angle liner brush and you wont have to sharpen it as much making it last a lot longer.

The truest black of any eyeliner I have ever used. It blends like a dream without smudging and it’s staying power is not to be beaten. I have trouble getting this off with eye make up remover sometimes. If you don’t already own it I recommend you invest ASAP…… wont be sorry!

The biggest bane of my beauty routine is trying to curl my annoyingly straight lashes. I am lucky they are long and thick but so damn straight! I have tried so may treatments and products, one day I might tell you about the time I got semi permanent lashes…oh dear! Needless to say not much has worked but good old fashioned curling followed by waterproof mascara.

So if we’re talking eyelash curlers there really are none better than the award winning Shu Uemura Curlers £20.00


I love these curlers soooooo much. The shape, the rubber sponge, the way they clasp, everything about them is just perfect. You can get the same overall effect with other curlers but take it from me these babies get the job done easier, with a lot less pinching and pain than most others and they get closer to the roots than most.

The people over at Shu Uemura have re-invented the wheel again in the form of the S Curler. I’m sure I’ll be investing in these before long so keep your eyes peeled for a review.

Last but not least we need to talk mascara. As I was originally writing this I had 3 cult classics that I couldn’t choose between. Diorshow £23.00, YSL Luxurious mascara for a false lash effect £23.00 and Benefit’s They’re Real £19.50


Both the YSL and Dior offerings are pretty similar if I’m honest but I still can’t choose between them. They both have big brushes so a steady hand and a good technique is a must. Both help to plump up and lengthen my lashes. I opt for the waterproof options because of my straight lashes. Once again on the advice of the amazing Wayne Goss. Check out his tutorial that explains why applying waterproof mascara to straight lashes will help protect your curl.

If however I’m in a rush and don’t have time to curl I opt for the Benefit offering. To my knowledge this mascara isn’t waterproof but it’s staying power is pretty great. So great in fact that it can be difficult to get off sometimes. This has a great little brush with a canon ball like end that gets to all your lashes. It does push my lashes up a little and it definitely gives me length.

My only issue with this mascara is it can clump pretty badly if you’re not careful. Based on that I would warn you to stear clear of eyelash curlers once you have applied it, you will be peeling your lashes off the curler if you’re not careful.

Last weekend I finally got round to trying CHANEL’s – INIMITABLE. This mascara beats all the others by a mile. Don’t get me wrong I still love my other 3 and will always have them in my stash, but this baby is the clear winner. Have a peak at my review here.

Chanel Mascara 125

So there we have it my lovelies. My complete list of cult classics……..holy grails……..must haves………..

Do you think I missed anything off? Let me know your thoughts and don’t forgot to follow me on one, or all of the options on the right :O)

Sonya x


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