Christmas Gift Ideas… Boyfriend Shopping 911…

Yesterday my friend and I decided to do a spot of Christmas shopping. I luckily have most of my presents, because I got them about 6 months ago, sad I know. My friend however had a few things left to get, mainly for her boyfriend.

Off we went to the Trafford Centre to have a little nosey at what was on offer and hopefully get some festive inspiration. It amazes me how focussed she can be where as I like to flit around taking pictures of my lusthaves and talk to the counter ladies about new products. Actually that probably explains why I start my gift shopping in summer, light bulb moment right there people!!

What started as a supposed Christmas present haul ended up with me arriving home with a bag full of goodies for myself. Luckily for my family and friends I pretty much have their gifts and I didn’t buy anything for myself that is on my gift list, that’s my usual trick, for which my loved ones despair at me, oops!

I did get a few snaps of things boys might like, for those of you that might be struggling with what to get the special guy or males in your life it may be of some help.

First up we hit OFFSPRING in Selfridge’s. They are a trainer company that stock your usual brands, Asics, New Balance, Converse, Nike…

In my experience most boys love to get a new pair of trainers. I personally find that the trainers in OFFSPRING do occasionally cost a little bit more than their competitors. What I noticed though was how many different styles and colour ways they have. I’m not sure if they have exclusive designs but they definitely had a lot more choice than than other shops such as Foot Asylum and Schuh.



Something I was surprised to find out a number of years back was how much boys love practical presents too. I know you shouldn’t stereotype but I thought that it was all about computer games, CD’s, t shirts, hoodies, trainers and the like.

Not so, my Boyfriend, Dad, Brother and male friends seem to love a practical gift too. I mean I don’t think they’d be happy if that’s all I got them, but as an accompaniment to Fifa IV or whatever number we are on now, it goes down fairly well.

We had a little shifty at what was on offer in Debenham’s. They currently have a 10% off promotion so get down there for some bargains. There was quite a few nice bits on offer, especially in the Joseph Joseph concession. Unfortunately I have exhausted all their products over the years so there was literally nothing left for me to get. If however you haven’t got any of their stuff pay them a visit, because boys seem to love their contemporary products.

Over the years a few other things that have gone down surprisingly well with my male loved ones are; Ice Cream makers, roasting tins and carving sets, Joseph Joseph chopping boards, knife sets and most of all…whiskey glasses that resemble those used by MADMEN’s Don Draper.


Joseph Joseph chopping board


Anything Nando’s related goes down a treat with my lot

Another great fall back is sports accessories. If your other half has any sporting/gym interests I’ll bet he’ll love anything to do with that. Luckily for me my boyfriend is an avid runner. Now I don’t count myself lucky when he’s asking for my opinion on his black toenails and dodgy knee, but it does make Christmas easier. He loves to receive anything that might enhance his performance and help him win his Nike Plus challenges!


Long sleeve Karrimor running top, Adidas running tights, Nike Dri Fit running shorts

If all else fails you can fall back on your old reliables, as well as aftershave, onesies, trainers, clothes, DVD’s and computer games, toiletries always go down pretty well. I like to indulge in something extra special for my other half so I pay LAB Series a visit in John Lewis’. Their stuff is so great and all the boys in my family really like it.

Experience has taught me that as much as he say’s he doesn’t want anything, if he doesn’t get some of this stuff he’ll have a secret sulk :O)


That’s it for now my lovelies, I hope this post was of some help for any of you that are struggling. Don’t forget to follow me here on or on twitter for my soon to come girly gift guide posts. Also you know I love to hear your thoughts and experiences so please comment away. Happy Christmas shopping.

As Always…PEACE & LOVE
Sonya x


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