Cult Classics………….#2

If you missed my previous cult classics post check it out


So to follow on lets take a look at a few more items I can’t live without!

CHANEL Rouge Allure in Flamboyante £25.00


For my 30th birthday I received a beautiful CHANEL nail polish in Rouge Noir……..I really do have the best friends! Like you do, I decided I needed a lipstick that would do my amazing new polish justice. Off I trotted to the CHANEL counter at Harrods. After studying practically every red lipstick they had I settled on Flamboyante. It is the perfect red for my skin tone and I have never had so many compliments on my lipstick as I do when I wear this shade. CHANEL lipsticks really are the best, creamy and beautifully pigmented, just perfection!

If you don’t already know this next product may I ask which planet you’ve been living on? I present to you Lipcote £3.69


OK, OK so we all want the perfect red lip that looks amazing, right? We carefully apply, blot, re-apply and blot, check our teeth and off we go. Then the next time we look in the mirror its either faded or smudged………oh the horror! Well my lovelies you can save yourself the hassle and the lipstick…………CHANEL doesn’t come cheap now, does it?! Simply apply after you have finished your lipstick routine and marvel at the miracle that is smudge free lippy, thanks Lipcote!

Next up is a recent find. You may have seen my post on NARS orgasim £21.50


What is there to say but “why did I not get this sooner?”

Another hg of mine is NYX – HD Concealer £10.00


Used as a concealer this product isn’t bad but if you have unsightly dark circles like mine this wont fully cover them. Instead I use this for contouring and it works a treat. I can’t find better for the price, because at £10.00 for the two it’s a steal!

Now then what cult classics list would be complete without YSL’s Touche Éclat? £25.00


Invented by Terry de Gunzburg back in 1992, Touche Éclat is probably one of the most talked/raved about products ever invented. However what a lot of people don’t know is that it is also one of the world’s most misused make up products!

I was initially sold this back in the 90’s as a concealer for my dark circles. I got it home all excited, clicked away, applied it to my under eye, stood back and marvelled at……..what a pile of crap it was!

I like millions of other women was under the impression that this was best used as a concealer. Back then we didn’t have beauty blogs or even easy access to the internet for that matter……….can you say dial up connection?

Lucky for me one of my best friends is a great make up artist. She gently prised the supposed ‘golden magic wand’ out of my hand, sat me down and got to work. That was the day I discovered the wonders of contouring and highlighting, hello skinny face, I’ve been looking for you!

Now I must admit my NYX – HD Concealer is my number one go to for contouring, but only because of how cheap it is. On special occasions I contour with my touche éclat, doing it more often would be far too expensive. I do however regularly use it just above and below my brows, on the inner corners of my eyes and around my lips after applying my lippy.

I would urge anyone to watch this Wayne Goss tutorial for some amazing advice on how to get the full potential out of this magic wand!

Well that’s it until the next instalment my lovelies. I hope this has been of help. Again let me know if you have tried any of these products and if so what do you think?

Sonya x


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