Post Virus Revival Kit

Sorry for the lack of posts my lovelies, I have a good excuse, I swear! This last week I have been floored by the most horrible virus. Queue me feeling all sorry for myself and despairing at how much of the festive season I have missed. I’m still not 100% so my last weekend off before Christmas is set to be spent on the sofa with my little doggy whilst watching Xfactor and Strictly. Even the other half is away having festive fun climbing mountains in Scotland, actually that kinda makes me glad I’m tucked up on the sofa!

When I have had a period of feeling gross I like to, how would Harry Potter put it? Scourgify, that’s get clean to us muggles. I like to run a big bubble bath, get my S.O.S. beauty kit out and give myself a beauty M.O.T.


A girl needs some TLC when the only cocktail she has been enjoying  drinking so far this Christmas is a mixture of berocca, paracetamol, sudafed, cough mixture and soothers………..ummmm yum, shudders! Even reading Vogue was a chore, sssssshhhhh don’t tell anyone I said that!


I am desperate to get some much needed order in my life and moisture in my skin. Moisture that does not involve copious amounts of mucus, sorry guys but have you ever felt like this Chaos Demon from Buffy?


Now then onto the beauty M.O.T. First up I run a big bubble bath!


Whilst it’s running I light my Yankee Candle. No pamper session is complete without a lovely scented candle, am I right? You may notice from my pictures I have Yankee Candles all around my house, I love them and Clean Cotton is my current scent of choice for the bathroom, I alternate between this and Fluffy Towels.


After a nasty virus such as this one, where you have horrible temperatures, dehydration can be a big problem. Your body and skin are crying out for moisture so get your fluids down you boys and girls, your skin and more importantly your organs will thank you for it. OK, OK nursey bit over :O)

Now then I have a constant battle with dry, sensitive skin. It plagues me, so if I have had a period where I struggle to stay hydrated you can bet your bottom dollar I will look like some sort of lizard queen. To help combat this and limit the amount of products I use on my skin I get my dry brusher out. An added bonus of dry brushing is it helps to get your lymphatic system going thus boosting your immune system. Not only that but it also aids circulation which helps your body rid itself of toxins, not a bad thing after a nasty virus eh?

I have recently purchased an Elle Macpherson – Homemedics roating dry brush and I’m hoping this will make the job easier. I’ll pop a review up soon.


Along with my hands, my face is the worst of my dry areas. There are not many products I can put near my face. All it takes is one look from a dermalogica product and my face is bright red, burning, cracking and peeling. I stick with Aveeno and occasionally indulge in Liz Earle products. The only mask I dare put near my face is Liz Earle’s Intensive Nourishing Mask. It does exactly what it says on the tin.


For my hair I love Bed Head – urban antidotes recovery shampoo and conditioner. I have mentioned this product before. Now I usually opt for a level 3 which is the most intensive but if I see a level 2 on offer in TK Maxx I happily snap it up. My personal hg of shampoo and conditioners.


I’m going to let you in on a secret. I’m a massive fan of soap and glory. Why should that be a secret? Well I should’t really use them because my skin is so sensitive. I can’t help myself though and sometimes I need a little S&G fix. Used sparingly my skin can tolerate them so I save my stash for when I really need a good pampering session.

I fill my bath with calm one calm all bubble bath, exfoliate my extra dry areas such as elbows and knees with sugar crush and slather on a load of smoothie star after I finish, delish!


Due to my dry, sensitive skin I can’t put my beloved S&G all over myself. For my face and hands I go with Aveeno, it is just the best rescue remedy for those of us with dry skin.


For areas that are mega chapped like under my nose, hello tissue burn my old friend, I need something a bit more intensive. I have been loving this all for eve balm I got in a Glossybox a while back.


Next up is another Glossybox find. Caudalie – Divine Oil. I plan to massage this into those extra dry areas that are not chapped so don’t warrant the eve balm, but need a bit more than my Aveeno. I’m not really sure how I feel about this product yet but I didn’t think there was any better time to put it to the test!


Last but not least is the one thing that instantly makes me feel better, nail polish. Even without my make up on having a lovely set of painted talons makes me feel much more presentable.

A beauty S.O.S. calls for something special so I crack open the CHANEL – Rouge Noir. I use OPI’s Nail Envy for dry, sensitive and peeling nails as a base coat and OPI’s Rapid Dry as a top coat, don’t want to smudge those nails when a coughing fit starts do we?

Post viral repair kit! 040

The only thing missing from my list is my Body Shop – Vitamin E Lipcare, which I can’t find anywhere, sob! Also I am desperate for some Lush – Bubblegum lip scrub. As soon as I’m up to it I’m going to town to stock up!

That’s it for my revival kit. As always I’m interested in your thoughts and would like to hear what’s in yours?

Sonya x

PS: Is it possible to get a six pack from coughing?


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