OMG NAKED 3, plus a little beauty haul and more!!!!!!

I woke up this morning to an array of different packages that had been delivered for me. I mistakenly, honest, opened this little beauty.

ImageOne of my Christmas presents from the other half. I did know I was getting it, because you know he had very clear instructions, but I was not supposed to see it until Christmas day. I am so tempted to have a sneak peek but I’m going to resist and wait for Christmas day. It’s almost time to get naked again people, soooo excited, I can’t wait until the 25th!

I was delighted also to receive this months Glossy Box. Can’t wait to have a rifle through it. Look out for a review coming soon!

ImageAs I was getting ill last week I did a bit, or so I thought of online shopping to cheer myself up. It all arrived today and it is quite the haul. To my other half Ché if you’re reading this, it was all massively discounted and very necessary, I promise!


For those of you that are interested I got 50% off at E.L.F. which makes it practically free, right? I indulged in the nourishing cuticle pen, brush shampoo, blush in candid coral, HD undereye setting powder, nail polish in navy and an eye shadow brush.

I repurchased some of my cult classics, Bobbi Brown creamy concealer and corrector and YSL touche éclat.

The little CHANEL box is their inimitable waterproof mascara in noir. I’ve been desperate to try this for ages so look out for a review coming soon.

NYX being one of my fave budget brands have a HD finishing powder which I’ve heard good things about. I simply had to try it, would be rude not too really!

Lastly I decided I needed a few more Crown eye make up brushes. No matter how many I have or how often I wash them I never seem to have enough. Plus all the brushes I opted for are supposed to me MAC dupes. I went for the chubby shadow C417 which I’ll be using for wider eyeshadow application. The precision detail C431 which I’ll be using to smudge my eyeliner for those smoky looks. I also went for a C200 deluxe crease brush, simply because I like the look of it and I need more blending brushes. Last but not least I opted for the pro blending fluff C433. This is meant to be a dupe of the famous MAC 217, I can’t wait to see if it lives up to it’s predecessor!

There we have it my lovelies, look out for reviews of everything soon.

Sonya x


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