Cult Classics………#1

Cult classics……..Holy grails…………..Must haves……We all have them and I thought I’d share a few of mine with you guys.


I warn you in advance, the list is not short, but then I’m sure you’d expect nothing less from a self professed make up addict, right?! In the interest of not keeping you guys reading for hours on end, I have split the post into a few instalments which I’ll post over the next few days.

Now then my holy grail (hg) of foundations is Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation £34.50

picture2life_03973_original (2)

I love this foundation but it really is my luxury item. On holiday last year I got colour matched by a great make up artist……..shout out to the staff at Giorgio Armiani Beauty – Bloomingdales NYC.

My shade came in at 3.75. It is beyond perfect for my skin. Luxuriously silk like with a dewy finish and a beautiful rose undertone to the point of looking pastel pink when swatched. Finally a foundation for my difficult skin!

After my first pot runs out, I walk into Selfridge’s and request my shade and they reply “sorry we don’t carry that colour in the UK”………nooooooooooooooooooo!

I sit there silently sobbing inside…….dramatic I know. The re-colour match takes place and I come in at a 5.5. Now I did purchase this colour because it was an OK match and the foundation is the bizz, but it wasn’t perfect and definitely no 3.75. So what does a girl do? Move to New York? I wish! Lucky for me I know a lot of people that often travel over to the great U.S. of A so I have no problem getting it. If that doesn’t make it a luxury item then what does?

If anyone from Giorgio Armani Beauty is reading this, please, please expand the UK range. We need these incredible foundations in our lives!

Lets move on to a pretty incredible drug store foundation. Rimmel’s Wake Me Up in True Ivory £8.99

Cult Classics 066

Now when my good friend Annie told me about this I admit I was reserved on the matter. I hold my hands up, I am or should I say I used to be a make up snob and didn’t think that it was possible to get a good foundation from the likes of rimmel.

I stand corrected and don’t mind admitting that I was wrong. This is right at the top of my cult classics list. It would be my hg foundation if Luminous Silk didn’t exist. As I can’t buy my shade of luminous silk in this country I can’t wear it every day, so I needed a fall back and this my lovelies is it!

It gives beautiful full coverage without being cakey or looking heavy and smells of cucumbers. My shade True Ivory has a beautiful rose undertone that again leaves it looking slightly pastel. I find it really difficult to find foundations with rose undertones. Most are yellow based and really don’t suit my skin. If you haven’t already I implore you to check this amazing little foundation out. Also look out for the 2 for 3 offers that run in Boots and Superdrug from time to time.

Next Up is Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Concealer in Cool Sand £18.50 and Creamy Corrector in Bisque £18.50

picture2life_92591_original (2)

For all the use my old concealers were I may as well have chanted “dark circles, darks circles, be gone” whilst spinning around anticlockwise three times!

Literally this corrector and concealer has changed my life! I have the most unsightly indented dark circles and nothing, not sleep, not water, not even Touche Éclat has helped.

That was until I sat in a chair at a Bobbi Brown make up counter back in 2009 and had a colour match for these amazing products. They do disguise dark circles but you do need both the corrector and concealer to get the full effect. The only thing I don’t like about this concealer is the powder they give you to set it. I personally find it sits in fine lines and looks cakey. Instead I use my Guerlain Météorites or NYX – HD studio photogenic grinding powder.

Speaking of which lets move on to my Guerlain Météorites £35.50 and Météorites brush £18.80

Cult Classics 024

I got these back in 2006 after falling for the spiel of the Guerlain rep at Bergdorf Goodman. When I got back to the UK I wondered if I had bought them just so I could get my hands on one of the beautiful little Bergdorf bags!

That was not really the case though. These gorgeous little balls have not only stood the test of time by smelling and working as well as the day I got them 7 years ago, but they also make me feel like I have skin like one of the elves in Lord of the Rings, ha I wish! In my book this is the most beautiful finishing powder you can get your hands on.

The brush is equally as lovely. Made of pure male Tibetan goat hair……..not really sure what that means to be honest. What I do know however is that this brush is lovely, the bristles have stayed perfect and no matter how many times I have washed it in the 7 years I have had it, I have never noticed any shedding or running of the lovely pink bristles!

That’s it for this instalment guys. More to come soon. In the mean while, please share what are your cult classics, holy grails or beauty must haves?


Sonya x

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