Daniel Sandler – Watercolour Blush ‘Icing’ and Water Brush

A while back I indulged in Daniel Sandler’s best selling watercolour blush £14.50 and water brush £15.50.


The Blush

Contains Vitamin E and Jojoba to enhance application and nourish skin, silicone based, oil free, doesn’t clog pores and suits every skin type.

I must say at first I wasn’t sure what all the hype was about. Sure it’s an amazing new concept. It does go on beautifully and holds up pretty nice for hours on end, but something was missing for me. I didn’t feel like this was a true blusher but more an illuminator/highlighter.

Now I need to take this opportunity to mention that this is totally my own fault. I bought my blush in icing, it appeared to be a light rose pink when I studied it on the internet. After I swatched it however it was more of an iridescent pink. Don’t get me wrong it’s beautiful but definitely better suited as an illuminator/highlighter.



It has been sat in my make up case for a while now until I decided to re-visit it and I’m glad I did. It’s perfect for party season. Eye catching and shimmery beyond belief. Applied just above the cheek bones it looks stunning.

Now I need to get my hands on the cherub version!

The Brush


Before I begin it’s worth noting I’m very difficult to please when it comes to brushes. Even the MAC duo fibre foundation brush didn’t meet my expectations…………hello loose bristles everywhere! My standards are high and not many brushes cut it for me.

That being said Daniel Sandler hit it out of the park here. This lovely brush is soft but sturdy. Not only does it do a great job of applying the watercolour blush but it is also one of my go to contouring brushes.

I have washed it numerous times and it has held up fantastically. Even the handle and print have not chipped or scratched which is unusual for my brushes because they get lots of use and abuse.

All in all I would highly recommend this little duo. I have tried applying the blush with my fingers but don’t think the finish is as good. That’s just my preference though, I find applying my make up with brushes much easier.

What about you guys, have you tried this blush? If so what did you think?

Sonya x

2 thoughts on “Daniel Sandler – Watercolour Blush ‘Icing’ and Water Brush

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