I Jumped on the NARS Orgasm bandwagon and I’m glad I did!

Hey Lovelies

I visited NARS yesterday to see the Guy Bourdin Holiday sets. If you haven’t seen them yet I suggest you get down there sharpish. They are absolutely stunning and the best bargains I have seen in a long time! My gorgeous other half has treated me to the lip set for Christmas. He’s removed it from my grasp though, so I can’t blog about it until Santa delivers it on Christmas morning.

Whilst at the NARS counter I finally gave in and purchased the Orgasm blush. I have been using a NYX mineral grinding blush that is quite similar in colour, so felt I was just being greedy buying another similar shade. It was only a matter of time before I gave in and that day was yesterday.

Why, why, why did I not do this before? It’s beyond amazing, like really incredible. I can see why it has won so many beauty awards and has received cult status.

I wont bore you with all the details. I bet you have read hundreds of posts on this blusher. All I want to say is that everything you have heard, seen, read, been promised about this blush is true. It is silky soft and blends perfectly. The shade is so lovely, a coral, pink, golden shimmer that looks fab with any make up look. I can’t believe I waited so long to get on the bandwagon.

The true test came tonight when I popped a picture on facebook that was taken at the JCole concert I just went to. I got so many compliments on my cheekbones. Something I’m not usually complimented on. I don’t think I can be without this little blush now and am considering if I should also go for the Super Orgasm……………….oh the euphemisms here are ridiculous, right? Where do you come up with these names NARS? Almost as bad Urban Decay!

Blog#3 003NARS 004Blog#3 066JCole 002

Now I feel I am definitely going to have to stay far away from the NARS counter for a while, because honestly I could spend the mortgage on blushers, and the other half wont be pleased if we have to build a house of NARS blushers, MAC lip glosses and NAKED palettes!


Sonya x

3 thoughts on “I Jumped on the NARS Orgasm bandwagon and I’m glad I did!

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