Christmas Beauty Haul Challenge….

Hey Lovelies

Today has been a busy one at glam towers. I’ve had my Christmas hair do ready for the party season and then been on a shopping challenge which was beyond fun!

Let me explain………..One of my nearest and dearest’s special someone sent me a message asking for my help with her Christmas presents. You see he wanted to treat her to some lovely make up as part of her Christmas present but had no idea where to start…….what a doll he is! So that’s where I come in. I mean if there’s one thing I can help with it’s spending his money on goodies my bestie will love!

The budget was set at £100 so off I skipped to the Trafford Centre. Now usually I would drop the whole budget in Selfridge’s make up hall in no less than 5 minutes. Today however I opted for Debenham’s make up hall. They have a 15% off all beauty event (excluding Chanel) that is running until Sunday 8th December. If you have any beauty/make up needs get down there sharpish because there are some bargains to be had. Also if you haven’t already grab yourself a beauty club reward card. 

Now then, I was umming and ahhing at the Urban Decay stand for ages. I really wanted to get the NAKED palette as part of the gift because you know………..well it’s amaaaaaaaaaaaazing! However the lady in question is more of a basics girl and probably wouldn’t get that much use out of it.

I opted instead for the Anarchy Face Case. If you haven’t seen it I implore you to go check it out. It really is the perfect gift. It has 5 gorgeous UD eye shadows, 1 matt and 4 shimmery. You can definitely get a number of make up looks out of the five shades they have included.

On the second tier is a mauve blusher which is just gorgeous and perfect for contouring especially if you pair it with the highlighter they have included. Then there is the gorgeous pink blusher they have put in. The minute I saw it it reminded of NARS desire.

On top of all that is a lovely pink/red lip stain in scandal and a 24/7 glide on eye pencil in perversion. If you guys haven’t yet tried the UD 24/7 eye pencils I seriously advise you to do so. In my book perversion (not sure about that name UD)  is the best and truest black eye liner I have ever tried. It goes on so easily and does not move, even when you are trying to get it off with eye make up remover. I would advise you to put it on with an eye liner brush as you will get more out of the product.

Unfortunately as this is a gift I can’t swatch it but I’m hoping Santa might gift me with this gorgeous all in one little palette. It really is perfect for those days when you need a 5 minute make up job or if you’re going out or on holiday and want everything in just one little palette.

Have a look

Beauty Haul 017Beauty Haul 020Beauty Haul 022

Another gorgeous product that caught my eye is the NAKED illuminated shimmering powder for face and body. About 7 years ago when in New York I bought an Urban Decay Mai Tai body shimmer brush from Sephora. Every female that has ever gotton ready at my house since then has commented on how much they love it. Sadly it is coming to an end and I have been keeping my eye out for a replacement.

Imagine my surprise when I noticed this little offering from the NAKED range. It is basically a pressed version of my trusty Mai Tai shimmer. Now it isn’t scented like the original but it is just as good if not better when applied. The shimmer is incredible on any skin tone. So good in fact that I bought two. One as part of the gift and one as a little treat for me!  When I got it home I also noticed that there is another little tier under the powder with a handy little brush!

Beauty Haul 030 Beauty Haul 032

After Urban Decay I stopped by the eyelure stand. I picked up a couple or pairs of lashes becuase lets face it no beauty haul is complete without some new lashes! I especially love the new Naturalites lashes, especially the 151’s. They are just gorgeous. Feathery but full at the same time. I think I might have to pick up a few pairs for myself!

Beauty Haul 007

OK so a gorgeous shimmery lip gloss was next on my list. I’m a huge MAC dazzleglass fan and have been quite impressed with NYX’s take on these which come in the form of their Glam Glosses, V’s post coming soon. I didn’t really want to order online so I decided to have a little look at what Chanel and YSL had to offer.

In the end I was quite taken by the YSL Golden Glosses. They are packaged beautifully and have a really intense shimmer. Also they have a huge array of beautiful shades to chose from. Now I needed to be mindful that the lady I was buying for has much darker skin than myself. I needed to get completely different shades than I would buy for myself as I wanted something that would appear as a shimmery nude colour on her. I must say I was really spoilt for choice with all the different shades they had to offer. Bravo YSL on such a beautiful and extensive range of colours that caters for just about any skin tone. In the end I went for No.54, I hope she loves it……..

Beauty Haul 024

Next on the list was a really nice mascara. I have 3 cult classics that I can’t be without. YSL false lash effect, Diorshow and Benefit’s they’re real. In the end I chose Diorshow Extase as it came in a lovely little Christmas gift set that includes a free eyelash primer. I even got a gorgeous Dior gift bag to put all the goodies in for free.

Beauty Haul 010

So with £10 of the budget left I wanted a lovely little make up bag and nice make up brush. I managed to get this sweet little make up bag for £5.60 and have put an order in with crown brushes for a lovely little blusher brush and eyeliner brush.

Beauty Haul 012

All in all I only went £4 over budget, not bad really. I can’t wait to see her face on Christmas day. I hope she loves it all. She’s a very lucky girl!

Beauty Haul 004


Sonya x

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