GLOSSYBOX what’s the low down?

Hey Lovelies

This is something I’ve been wanting to blog about for a while. Every month for well over a year now I pay for a GlossyBox. For those not in the loop GlossyBox is a beauty box that you can pay monthly for or in advance. Depending on which payment option you chose it will cost you either £8.33 – £10.00 a month plus £2.99 p&p.

Every month you will receive a lovely little box containing 5 beauty samples of which some are full sized. The idea is to introduce you to new products in a kind of try before you buy scheme. If you like any of the products there are sometimes good discount options to purchase them also. You can check it out here.

Now when you sign up you will be asked to complete some info about yourself. Skin tone, type, hair colour, type etc. The idea being that you will receive products tailored to your specifications. I have as I say been getting my boxes for well over a year. I have tried other companies also such as Birchbox formerly Joliebox. I wasn’t such a fan of this company and cancelled after a few months. The packaging and products were nice but it couldn’t be tailored to my needs as much as the Glossybox. For someone with as sensitive skin as me this is no good. A lot of the things I received I could not use. Hence my decision to cancel!

So back to the Glossybox. I really blow hot and cold with this company. Some of my boxes have been incredible. Sometimes however I will receive two or three in a row that are just not good. Now I understand I am not going to love every product every time. However some months it’s just not worth the money! Tiny little perfume or cream samples the like of which you can get free in magazines or at the beauty counter just don’t cut it! But every now and then I will receive a box with such a little gem in it I put my cancellation off for another month. This is where I’m at right now. I have not had a good box for a while and am hoping they will redeem themselves with their Christmas offering! Now then I am going to review last months box so you can get an idea of what it’s all about.

The Box:

Always, always beautifully packaged. Comes with a fantastic magazine and info leaflet. Inside the products are placed on shredded paper and wrapped in tissue paper then tied with a nice ribbon. Every now and then there will be a lovely special edition box that has a lovely print or illustration on it. Honestly I love the boxes maybe more than the actual products sometimes. I keep all mine and use them for various things. I put my different costume jewellery in them and also save products I wont use and give friends and family a box each for Christmas.

The Products:

OK so this is what we’re really interested in. As I said sometimes you get an amazing product. Once I was desperate for a HD Brows eyebrow palette in Vamp and it was sold out everywhere. My Glossybox arrived and inside was the exact palette I had been fiending after! Another time I got the most stunning Caudalie serum which is an all time fave of mine now. I have also had lovely little Nails Inc and full size Essie nail polishes. That being said sometimes and it seems more often than not lately the boxes are not that great. A great example of what I have been receiving of late is lasts months box. Let me take you through it.

Iphone Pics Nov 13 024

1. Elgant Touch – Rapid Dry for Nails (RRP £3) Full size sample received

Deemed a cult beauty classic. I already own this product and quite frankly am not a fan. Claims to dry nails in 60 seconds and condition cuticles. I don’t agree. I find my nails still smudge when I have used this and my hands are just left greasy. I swear by OPI rapid dry. My Mum swears by running her nails under cold water. I think I’ll do a post on this in the future comparing all 3.    

Iphone Pics Nov 13 031

2. B – One coat professional finish nail polish (RRP £4.99) Full size sample received

I am sorry but this product is just awful. One coat???? Definitely not! It goes on so watery and grainy. The colour is just awful and I wouldn’t even give this away let alone pay for it. Glossybox are you testing the products you send us? This may go on OK in a few coats but if it says one coat it should be one coat. Lets move on!

  Iphone Pics Nov 13 026  

3. Yves Rocher France – Hand Cream (RRP £1.95) Full size sample received

This is a nice hand cream. Smells beautiful and sinks in very nice. Doesn’t leave your hands feeling greasy. My Mum (the ultimate reviewer in my book, so hard to please) loved it. She thought it was an expensive cream. We were pleasantly surprised to find it was so cheap and will definitely be purchasing in the future. As a nurse I am always looking for new affordable hand creams that work well and feel nice. This ticks all the boxes. Well done Glossybox for bringing this to my attention. 

Iphone Pics Nov 13 028

4. Emite Make Up – Micronized Eyeshadow in Dams (RRP £16.80)  Full sized sample received

Now then I had never come across this brand and was shocked to see that this eye shadow would cost me £16.80 if I wanted to buy it. Don’t get me wrong it swatched well and has a lovely shimmer, however worth that price?……….. I think not! It claims to be free from oil, nickel, parabens and perfume so is ideal for lens wearers and those with sensitive eyes. Maybe that’s why the price is so jacked up but come on guys £16.80 really?!

Iphone Pics Nov 13 047Iphone Pics Nov 13 038

5. Vichy – Idealia Life Serum (RRP £29.50 for 30ml)  3 small samples received

Claims to be good for sensitive skin and says it will help transform the appearance of skin’s quality and protect from the visible effects of stress, pollution, smoke and an unbalanced diet. I tried this product and unfortunately it made my skin tingle and redden. I had to wash it off before my skin started to burn and peel. I wouldn’t recommend for extra sensitive skin like mine. Always nice to try new products though Glossybox.

Iphone Pics Nov 13 046

The Final Verdict:

All in all not a terrible box but not that impressive either. 4 full sized products and one pretty good sized sample. One I had already used and wasn’t that keen on, one was just dreadful, one quite nice and would buy again, one also nice but very over priced and one not suitable for my skin type. Now I suppose that is what Glossybox is all about. Trying existing cult products I might never have tried or maybe products I probably would never have come across. 

In terms of keeping my subscription going however I’m not sure. Over the last year and a half my boxes seem to be containing more and more products I don’t like or are ridiculous sample sizes that just shouldn’t be in the box. Like tiny perfume samples or little tubes of TRESemmé. I mean come on Glossybox you can do better than that. Like I said we can get that stuff free in the magazines or at beauty counters. We don’t need to pay £12.99 for the privilege! You guys however may love the concept and get your moneys worth out of it.

Another issue I have is that the skin care items I have been receiving of late are burning my skin and are no good to me. I have tried to edit my profile to stop receiving skin care products and unfortunately have not been able to. Now you may not have the same reservations as me and maybe the novelty of receiving 5 new samples to try every month has worn off. I’m now looking for stuff I will actually use or if I want to repurchase wont be over priced.

So once again I am giving Glossybox one more month and if it’s no good I’m cancelling!

I hope this post was helpful guys. I’ll be reviewing my December box for you also so look out for that post.


Sonya x


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