Box Clutch Fever….

Back in summer the supposed ‘IT’ bag, a lego looking plastic Chanel clutch was pictured on celebs such as Rita Ora and Rihanna. Since then there seems to be have been an onslaught of box clutches in all variations every where you look!

I have been looking for a specific kind of box clutch for a while. I wanted it to match a blue Ted Baker Bolty dress and rose gold Michael Kors mother of pearl watch I am wearing to an upcoming wedding. My specifications were; rose gold, square(ish) with a dainty yellow gold chain strap.

I have been trawling the shops for a while trying to find said clutch, so imagine my surprise when I happened across it for £16.99 when I was perusing my local TK Maxx.


When searching for the perfect bag I was pretty disappointed with the majority of the high street options out there. The average price seems to be around £26.00 – £38.00 and nothing I have seen was as nice as what I saw in TK Maxx, where might I add they had an array of them for around £16.99 each! Get your booties down there to grab a bargain!

Some of the high street options I saw before nabbing my bargain.


These two pics are from Warehouse and were the best of the bunch before I discovered the bargains at TK Maxx Image


Miss Selfridge




Miss Selfridge

Sorry I didn’t manage to get any snaps of the TK Maxx options but I forgot as I was too busy doing a little victory dance at finding mine.

So there you have it guys. If you’re looking for the perfect ‘on trend’ accessory to match any of your Christmas party outfits I suggest you check out your nearest TK Maxx ASAP. The high street shops do have some nice options but in my opinion TK Maxx have just as nice, if not nicer options available and sometimes they’re even half the price!


Sonya x

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