Once Upon a Crystal….

Apart from blogging, fashion, hair, make up and interior design one of my other hobbies is smothering things in Swarovski Crystals.

This is a hobby that started in 2006. I was watching Christina Aguilera’s ‘Aint no other man’ video and my Mum goes “I want some of them crystal encrusted headphones Christina’s wearing.”

So me and my Dad started trawling the internet looking for the headphones. The price tag of Swarovski encrusted or blinged items was and still is rather high and very much out of our price range. How then were we going to get Mum her desired sparkly headphones?

By making them myself of course! So the next step was to find a flat back Swarovski crystal supplier and figure out how to get them to stay put on the headphones. Easy right? Erm absolutely, unequivocally NO! Oh my life sitting glueing those crystals was torture. You see back then there wasn’t much in the way of advice or tutorials on blinging or crystallising! So I very much had to teach myself.

That however was seven years ago and I am not half bad at it these days. It has been a challenging ride. Buying crystals too small, then too big, finding the perfect glue, thinking up nice designs, etc, etc.

I will post some pics below of a few of the things I have made over the years. If you would like any advice on this hobby please drop me a line and I’ll be happy to offer advice and guidance to anyone that needs it! Or if you would like me to post a tutorial let me know and I’ll be happy to oblige.


Sonya x

Some of the phones I have crystallised over the years


Some crystallised ipods and accessories 


T-shirts my Nan and boyfriend asked me to make

5574_108096876579_7928241_n (1) 5574_108096881579_8050833_n5574_108096916579_5615531_n5574_108101031579_82273_n 5574_108101036579_2688238_n

A few little compact mirrors I have made for various family and friends

5574_108096956579_6384155_n 5574_108096961579_3484723_n 5574_108096976579_1935872_nIMG_1013

Various other things I’ve had a go at crystallising including; a dog lead, a pen, a trinket box and my toothbrush timer :OP


This next item is the most special thing I’ve ever customised. One of my Mum’s head scarves she wore whilst she was going through chemo. It was so lovely to see how all the compliments she got for it really boosted her confidence!


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