What gets your creative juices flowing?

Hey lovelies I hope you’re all having a great bonfire night! I myself have stayed in looking for artistic inspiration on the web. On my way upstairs however I noticed the perfect inspiration hanging on my landing wall.


One of my favourite illustrations of all time is by the very talented artist Katrina Conquista.

This illustration is part of Kat’s seven deadly sins collection and portrays gluttony. I love the irony reflected in this picture and it always makes me smile when I stop and look at it. Not only is it fabulous to just stand and stare at but it also raises so many questions in my mind about femininity, body image and what is true beauty. For me that is what art should always do. Make you think about what you’re looking at and what it represents to you!

Not only that but this illustration has it’s own set of accessories which can never be a bad thing, can it?


You see being a fashion girl at heart I am a sucker for fashion illustration. It’s one of, it not my favourite forms of artistic expression. When I stop and stare at great illustrations it really gets my creative juices flowing and makes me want to put pen to paper myself.

I stumbled upon Kat’s work when visiting my family in Aberystwyth. My brother’s friend Michelle has a great little clothes shop called Pretty Flamingo. Whilst having a nose about the shop I noticed some cool little badges with original illustrations on them. After enquiring as to who the artist was Mish gave me Kat’s details.


Some of the illustrations that initially caught my eye.

I immediately contacted Kat and commissioned a portrait of myself. The finished piece is below and needless to say I adore it. So much so that I use it as my blog’s blavatar.


So my lovelies pray tell what gets your creative juices flowing? What cool art has stopped you in your tracks and made you stand and stare for a while or simply made you think you have to own a piece by the artist?

Please get in contact or leave your comments below. I’d love to hear your thoughts or check out art that inspires you and gets you thinking! I’ve also included some more of my fave pieces by Kat below.


Sonya x


This is another piece I commissioned Kat to do for a family members wedding present.


A beautiful representation of my sign Pisces


You got to love a nice corset!

*All images courtesy of Katrina Conquista

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