Musings of a 30 something girl…………

So here goes my first ever blog post, eek!

Ok as a 16 year old girl fresh out of school and signing up for my first fashion course how did I envision my life would be at 30? Well not a bit like this let me tell you. I had visions of being a successful fashion journalist, living in NYC, strutting my stuff through the Condé Nast building to work alongside Anna Wintour……….

Well I hadn’t seen or read the Devil Wears Prada at that point!

After a few years studying fashion and interior design I realised I wanted something more. That’s when I decided to do something completely different and become a nurse. That was 14 years ago and I have never looked back! I now live with my lovely partner of almost 10 years Ché and our little doggy Mr Otis.

Throughout my 20′s I was happy with my achievements and felt reassured I was exactly where I needed to be in life. Then the big 30 started looming its ugly head and with it came a set of worries and pressures that had never occurred to me before.

Should I be married by now? Am I running out of time to have a baby? Am I looking old? Should I get botox? Do I need to grow up and stop spending pay-day in the Trafford Centre?

The list was endless. As if I was going to wake up on my 30th birthday and find I had run out of time to do all the things I hadn’t yet had chance to do or even think about.

In reality though boys and girls I looked no different, surprise surprise. I didn’t need to run down to Harley St and get a face full of botox and fillers. I was free to spend my birthday money on champagne cocktails, new glad rags for my birthday night out and lot’s of lovely new make up from Chanel.

As for the ‘am I where I need to be in life worries?’ they too started to fade away. You see as Aaliyah once said “Age ain’t nothin but a number”. Yes when it comes to babies us ladies are unfortunately on a restricted time scale but 30 is not an age that means you’re racing against the clock and it most definitely is not an age that your clock is ticking loudly!

You don’t need to have everything figured out, wedding pictures hung, career in place, house bought, babies made, the perfect cupcake recipe figured out…….

If I’ve learnt anything from my last milestone birthday it’s to relax and enjoy it. Don’t put pressure on yourself to jump on the accelerated life plan train. As long as you value your health and loved ones there’s nothing wrong if you prefer make up, clothes, shoes and accessories more than you do baby clothes, real estate and wedding dresses. It doesn’t make you shallow, immature or selfish. When the times right for all those other things you’ll know it!

Relax and don’t sweat the small stuff, ENJOY it!


Sonya x

Here’s a few snaps from my 30th celebrations



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